What Is CPR ?

                                           CPR (good for 2 years)  

  CPR (Cardio  Pulmonary  Resuscitation) is  a combination of chest compressions and  rescue breathing delivered  to

  victims though to be in cardio arrest. When cardio arrest occurs, the heart stop pumping blood. CPR can support a small

  amount of blood flow to the heart and brain to "buy time" until normal heart function is restored.


                                       C = CARDIO (HEART)



                                           P = PULMONARY (LUNGS)


                                                   R = RESUSCITATION

                                                 To Restore Life

You Have The Compression!

                     You Have The Breath!

                                         You Could Save A Life!



                                                      BASIC FIRST AID

                                     First Aid (good for 3 years)

You will be faced with injuries of every kind; whether it is a simple paper cut or a severe chemical burn, every accident must be dealt with in the right way. First Aid deals with a few major categories  of  accidents: soft  tissue wounds, like the typical bruises, cuts and scrapes of everyday life, along with the not-so-typical, more life threatening accidents like puncture  wounds, spurting  cuts  and  amputations;  burns, from mild  sunburn to  third - degree; poisoning; choking; and ,of course, "natural" encounters-beestings, poison ivy, and the dangers of anaphylactic shock.