Training required for employee that work in an Assisted Living Program

          (a) The health and psychosocial needs of the population being served;

          (b) The resident assessment process;

          (c) Use of service plans;

          (d) Cuing, coaching, and monitoring residents who self-administer medications,

              with or without assistance;

          (e) Providing assistance with ambulation, personal hygiene, dressing, toileting,

              and feeding, and

          (f) Resident rights;

           (g) Receive initial and annual training in;

          (h) Fire and life safety;

          (i)  Infection control, including standard precautions;

          (h) Emergency disaster plans; and

          (k) Basic food safety; and

  (l) Receive initial certification and recertification, when required for;

       Basic first aid by a certified first aid instructor; and

 (m) Basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) by a certified CPR instructor

Additional Training Requirements

In addition to the requirements in Regulation.15 of COMAR by January1, 2006, an assisted living manager of a program that is licensed for five or more beds or more shall complete a manager training courses that is approved by the Department