What Is An Assisted Living Program

   " Assisted  Living  Program"   means  a   residential  or  facility-based  program  that  provides  housing  and  supportive   services,  

   supervision, personalized  assistance  health-related  services, or  a  combination of these services  to  meet the needs of  individuals

   who are unable to preform, or who need assistance in performing, the activities of daily living or instrumental activities of daily living

   in a way that promotes optimum dignity and independence for the individuals.

                                                                      Assisted Living Manager

   (a) Be 21 years old or older;

   (b) Possess  a  high school diploma, a  high school  equivalency  diploma, or  other  appropriate  education  and  have experience to

        conduct the responsibilities specified in COMAR Regulations

                                                                    Alternate Assisted Living Manager

  A. Be  available  to assume the responsibilities described in  Regulation.15C(2)(a)-(1) of  COMAR  when the  assisted  living manager

      is not available;

  B. Be 21 years old or older;

  C. Have 2 years of experience in a health-related field; and

  D. Meet the qualifications of COMAR Regulation. 19B(2)

                                                                            Other Qualifications

  (1) Be 18 years old or older unless licensed as a nurse or the age requirement is waived by the Department for good cause shown:

  (2) As evidenced by a physician's statement be free from:

       (a) Tuberculosis, measles, mumps, rubella, and varicella through appropriate screening procedure such as tuberculosis skin tests,

           positive disease histories, or antibody serologies ; and

       (b) Any impairment which would hinder the performance of assigned responsibilities;

  (3) Have no criminal convictions or criminal history that indicates behavior that is potentially harmful to residents, as evidenced through

       a criminal background check completed within 30 days before employment;    

  (4) Have sufficient skills, education, training, and experience to serve the residents in a manner that is consistent with the philosophy of

       assisted living;

  (5) Participate in an orientation program and ongoing training to ensure that the residents services that are consistent with their needs

       and generally accepted standards of care for the specific conditions of those residents to whom staff will provide services;